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Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour Fridays 9-10:30am with Tonio Epstein The Magical Mystery Tour dives into the heart of things exploring new ideas and new ways of seeing and being in this wondrous crazy world we share together. Featuring interviews and talks by creative and leading edge thinkers who are contributing to…

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Speech Week

Devoting 8 days to discussions of free speech, hate speech, responsible speech, racist and phobic speech and related topics. Details and Schedule of Programs Call 800-646-9437  or send us a message to join the conversation Sunday January 17th 6:00 to 8:00 AM   “The Curse of the Golden Turnip” Alan LePage…

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Station News

Sally Kane, NFCB CEO, Speaks at WGDR November, 2015 I just wanted to post some words of thanks for Sally Kane (and the NFCB in general), who, in spite of our need to cancel the VT Harvest Summit due to low numbers, came anyway on her own budget, and worked…

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