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WGDR Family,

WGDR has raised $51,900 in our End Of Year 2020 Campaign. The goal was $50k by December 31. Never in my life as a local listener, or during my tenure as Director of WGDR have I seen this station so clearly identified by its constituents as a “necessary component” of life in Central Vermont, the region, the country, the world. Goddard announced a hope to gift WGDR and WGDH to Central Vermont, and asked for your help to do so. Now, this hope has become an exciting and beautiful story. With your financial support, and Goddard staff and WGDR volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes, the station transfer process is safely underway.

We’ve cleared the first hurdle, and WGDR/WGDH listeners deserve to feel great about it. So from all of us at WGDR, go on, take a minute to pat yourself on the back. You’re a crucial part of a beautiful and powerful cause called “true community radio.” As we continue to process the license transfer, GDR hosts and I will be updating you every step of the way here, on our FaceBook page and on the air. Every dollar given to WGDR now gives Goddard the time it needs to manage any unforeseeable challenges in turning over these radio reigns to the soon-to-be new community owners, Central VT Community Radio.

As previously stated, any remaining funding from your gifting now will follow the station at time of official FCC grant transfer and support the first budget of CVCR. So thank you, thank yourselves, and keep the dial tuned to 91.1fm,  91.7fm, and wgdr.org.

From me and the WGDR family, happy new year Central Vermont, and beyond!!!


Kris Gruen
Goddard College Community Radio

Goddard gifts WGDR to community group
In hopes of preserving WGDR & WGDH for Central Vermont and the world, Goddard College leadership has decided to gift the station to a newly formed local community group called Central Vermont Community Radio. CVCR will continue GDR’s mission of local and national programming for years to come. CVCR updates and info at wgdr.org/cvcr

The college’s gift includes the station’s two licenses for WGDR and WGDH, all of the station’s equipment, and an affordable lease to remain in its campus location. Completing the transfer of ownership will take roughly four months. This timeline points WGDR’s listeners and supporters to an End Of Year campaign goal total of $50,000. The station’s major donors are already organizing an extremely generous match to ensure that our goal is within reach. A detailed breakdown of all transfer costs, station assets and initial CVCR board members can be found at wgdr.org/cvcr.

Like with the leaving of a graduating child, when what’s known of home is released for an excitement of what’s to come, we must now look ahead with new eyes and realize the full purpose of WGDR: community radio for and by the people it serves. Please join me in making this happen by giving today, with a secure donation here, or by check to
123 Pitkin Rd
Plainfield, VT 05667


WGDR is worth supporting
• Non-profit, non-commercial, community radio
• Progressive and professional national news by the Pacifica Radio Network
• A media for the people by the people
• A voice for the voiceless
• Advocacy for the natural world
• A forum for community building
• A safe space for fostering cultural literacy
• Speaking truth to power

If you share these values, please join us in forwarding them! The station’s vitality is in your hands, and your donations literally keep the station alive!

WGDR is where several hundred people work together to foster local and global community building and resilience with social justice news, audio arts, and moderated dialogue… mission

Just for being here now, we thank you very much for your interest and support of non-profit, non-commercial, community radio. Every dollar donated here  supports building solidarity and resiliency in service, struggle and purpose.

WGDR is the soundtrack of social justice, environmentalism, multiculturalism and responsible community action in Central Vermont. By being a listener, and contributing to this courageous broadcast, you become part of this transformative action.

WGDR gives voice to cultures of rigorous inquiry, collaboration and life-long learning. When you invest in WGDR, you become a community builder.

WGDR is programmed by individuals who take imaginative and responsible action in the world through community radio — your community radio. Every dollar you give buys another day of these brave and creative productions. Check out more than 40 locally produced programs, and over 30 grass roots programs from the Pacifica Radio Network. Over 70 in all! Listed and archived at archive.wgdr.org.

Your Support here, or by sending a check, will help keep non-profit, non-commercial community radio on the air and Thank You!

123 Pitkin Road
Plainfield, VT 05667

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