WGDR and WGDH is where several hundred people work together to foster local and global community building and resilience with social justice news, audio arts, and moderated dialogue… mission

Just for being here now, we thank you very much for your interest and support of non-profit, non-commercial, community radio. Every dollar donated here  supports building solidarity and resiliency in service, struggle and purpose.


Bon Mot Sundays 5pm with Rick Agran. Rick offers a forum for folks in the literary fine arts to share their voices and ideas. Poetry and theatre (in particular) are verbal arts meant for the air, not the page. Creative writers and thinkers using their voices highlight the power of fine art as communication, as celebration, as social critique and/or personal comment, and to create community conversations… more


Curse of the Golden Turnip Sundays 7am with Alan LePage. Alan shares his knowledge of the world of agricultural, horticultural and related political issues. Listeners are invited to call in and ask Alan all things food and growing food. Alan is a veteran of 40 years of organic farming in… more


The Quilting Hour Wednesdays 9am with Sasha Thayer and Maura Quinn (pictured). The Quilting Hour seeks to celebrate the role of community, to learn from each other, teach each other, educate ourselves, provide a forum for meaningful discussion on issues that affect our lives and the lives of women, children.. more

80 more community and social justice programs

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