WGDR Plainfield – WGDH Hardwick
is many courageous and committed people working together to foster community resilience with the broadcast of information, audio arts, and moderated dialogue.

Thank you very much for being here right now, and for your support of non-profit, non-commercial, community radio. Every dollar donated here supports the telling and fosters the connections of passionate, compassionate, independent Vermonters with each other and the world out there.

A Cloud Alliance tech installs high speed wifi internet service January 2019.

Community Radio for Central Vermont
is alive and lives in a living laboratory of studios and connections, where volunteer producers work together to create high quality community programming of their own in service of  social justice, stewardship of the earth, and community resilience (from the station mission). All productions are informed by ethical guidelines and best community radio practices.

Pacifica Radio Network
is a broadcasting and radio syndication network over 200 community, low-power, internet and college radio stations in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Pacifica Radio Network affiliates share community programming of all kinds. Every day and night, WGDR features dozens of these authentic grass roots and alternative programs. Local programmers here in Plainfield also have an opportunity to syndicate their own programs to a national radio audience, and some already do!

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