WGDR World Music

WGDR World Music
by WGDR staff and volunteers
Look for World Music at archive.wgdr.org

Goddard College Community Radio is proud to offer the most diverse world music catalogue available on air anywhere in VT.  WGDR aims to engender cultural competency and inquiry through rich colorful roots musics from around the world. Listeners interested in considering and experimenting with multiple perspectives will find a treasure trove of global musical traditions each week on WGDR.

The World Music collection consists of about 20k World Music CDs sent to WGDR by music labels over the decades. The collection has been organized and partially digitized, the result of a labor of love over many decades by Goddard staff, students and community radio volunteers. A random sampling of the digitized part of the collection is what we hear on the air.

WGDR World Music  –  shining a light on multi-culturalism in the 21 st century for central Vermont and beyond.

A Playlist for each of the World Music times is in under construction.

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