WGDR Expands Community Based Learning

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WGDR has expanded on its popular community based learning offerings in youth radio with funding from the Innovations and Collaborations grant through the Vermont Community Foundation (VCF) and the state of VT (S.130/Act 77, Dual Enrollment).

As a result, academics and radio reconnect for the first time at Goddard since the end of the residency program, with two funded programmatic offerings: one (Indie Kingdom) focused on secondary and college administrative collaborations in curriculum design, the other (True Stories) dual enrollment— GDR’s first credit bearing offering in its history!! Indie Kingdom is the expansion of GDR’s general offering to its local youth for training in the arts and sciences of radio programming. Partnering schools and orgs will collaborate with GDR on the design of syllabi for area youth to learn media literacy by meeting both radio station and class objectives/needs. Expansions to our prior offerings focus on the arts and science of producing compelling audio reports, creative communication skills and the trainer/teacher collaboration on production themes. Trainer and teacher will design curriculums that work similarly to a menu, offering schools a way to build unique programmatic outcomes (and durations) that meet state and common core standards. The big picture goal is to develop a curricular model that can be used and implemented by college and community radio stations and their area schools, regionally and nation wide. For this expansion Goddard sought funding from the Vermont Community Foundation, through it’s Innovations and Collaborations initiative, and received the full $20k requested for the 2014/15 school year. This will fund the expansion of two positions at WGDR, Training Coordinator (Jackie Batten) and Production and News Coordinator (Carl Etnier).

True Stories is a Dual Enrollment program that grew fast wings at GDR/ Goddard, via the creative auspices of Josh Castle (Registrar), Kris Gruen (Director, WGDR), Karen Werner (Program Coordinator and faculty, IBA) and Jackie Batten (Training Coordinator, WGDR). As noted, it has it’s own syllabus, overseen by a Goddard faculty member, with a very particular study track, and it does enable Goddard to offer both secondary and college level credit. This first pilot course will offer an Elective credit. In the case of this program, we need 15-18 highly motivated, academically proficient students from area high schools, looking for an experience with audio story production that will span an entire semester. This program has not identified any particular partnering schools, though we plan to tap those we have for Indie Kingdom, as relationships with faculty and administration already exist supporting easy access to students.


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