Trance-formational Listening

Sundays 10:00-12:30

dennisHosted by Dennis Darrah. See playlists

Exiled from Philadelphia, PA in 1965 to Franconia College, NH. Kicked off-campus for a year to Oxford University, England. Returned and received a BA from Franconia College in 1969. And, via a varied and circuitous route, ended up in Vermont around 1972.

Deep interest in all forms of music. Besides hosting this radio show I also play music (soprano saxophone and flute) with Dragon Dance Theater, performing with them in both Vermont and Mexico. Created a sound installation for the “Ought-One” new music festival which was held in Montpelier, VT in 2001, and appeared as a performing guest on Kalvos and Damian’s “New Music Bazaar” in 2005.

A concentration on music from around the world with particular attention to Indian Classical (both Hindustani and Carnatic), Gamelan (Balinese, Javanese and other forms of Indonesian music), Middle-Eastern classical, ritual and folk traditions, African folk, ritual and Afro-pop music, the many sufi traditions and variants thereof.

Also music from East Asia: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia. And such other traditions as Tuvan throat singing, Tibetan overtone chanting, and music from the Central Asian countries.

The last half-hour of the show is open to almost anything:

From Bali to Mali, from Sun Ra to Moondog, from Miles electric to Jon Hassel eclectic, from James Brown to Holy Modal hoedown…