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Trailing Edge

Trailing Edge
Mondays 4-5pm
with David Ferland

Trailing Edge is a weekly one hour check in on seven short news and commentary programs from community radio and alternative media.

Most of the programs heard on the Trailing Edge are distributed by the Pacifica Radio Network, where over 200 community, low-power, internet and college radio stations in the Americas, Europe, and Africa share community media of all kinds.

Following each news short is the other side of the story: trailing edge music that still works.

Trailing Edge is produced and hosted by David Ferland in Plainfield, VT.
With questions and comments, please do drop me an email at:
[email protected]

Programs in order of appearance:

Nature Note with Angela Gibbons

This Week in Water

Labor History in 2:00

Thom Hartman Program

The Hightower Lowdown

Breaking the Sound Barrier weekly podcast

Prison Radio Commentaries with Mumia Abu Jamal

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