“Quiet Storm” Annual Holiday Special Dedicated to Sandy Hook Victims

“Quiet Storm” Host Skeeter Sanders Dedicates Annual Holiday Special to Sandy Hook Shooting Victims, Thursday, 12/20, 12pm

When WGDR/WGDH’s Skeeter Sanders presents his annual “Quiet Storm” holiday special this week, the show will take on a slightly more somber and reflective tone than in years past.

In the wake of the horrific mass shootings last Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Sanders scrapped his original plan for his holiday show and instead will present a Christmas-themed program that is dedicated to the families of the 20 children and eight adults who lost their lives in the massacre.

“There are families in Newtown who will spend this Christmas grieving the loss of their children,” Sanders said in a statement. “There are other families in Aurora, Colorado and Portland, Oregon who will also be grieving this holiday,” a reference to the recent mass shootings in a movie theater and shopping mall, respectively.

“I’m not a parent, but I do have an eight-year-old niece who’s a third-grader in her school.” Sanders continued. “Thus, it’s impossible for me to not be deeply affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. It’s my hope that the [holiday] music I present this week will provide [the victims’ families] with a small measure of comfort.”

Sanders’ holiday special will air Thursday, December 20 at 12 noon on WGDR and WGDH. It will also air nationally on the Fishbowl Radio Network.


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