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WGDR Programs A-Z

Acoustic Harmony Sa 4pm-6:30pm

All Mixed Up  W 2pm-4pm

A Night in my Backyard F 7pm-9pm

Big Picture Science Sa 7am-8am

Bon Mot Su 5pm-6:30pm

Boxful of Blues Sa 2:30-4:30

Cupcake Corner Sa 11:30am-12:30pm

Curse of the Golden Turnip Su 7am-9am

Democracy Now! – Weekdays 8-9am and 6-7pm

Dollar Bins and Local Players Th 2pm-4pm

Eclectic DJ Th. 9pm-10pm

Economic Update F 10am-10:30am

Ethereal: the possibilities of a floating particle of dust Tu 12pm-2pm

Gathering Peace – Tu 9am-10:30am

Geezer Rock F 4pm-6pm

Hitting the Note – W 12pm-2pm

HomegrownRadio News F 12-1pm, 6pm-7pm

InCommon Sounds Tu 9pm-11pm

Long and Winding Road F 2pm-4pm

Magical Mystery Tour F 9am-10am

Moccasin Tracks Tu 11am-12pm

Music as Art Radio Sa 9am-11:30am

Music Notes F 1pm-2pm

New Dimensions Su 9am-10am

Personal and Political  M 12pm-2pm

Relocalizing Vermont Th 9am-10:30am

Show of Life Tu 7pm-9pm

Spanning the Chasm Su 1:30pm-3pm

Specs of Dust M 9pm-11pm

Surface Planet Radio F 9pm-12am

Thought Pasture Su 12pm-1:30pm

Tio on Air Su 3pm-5pm

The Beatdown Sa 10:00pm-12am

The Lotus Eater’s Buffet W 9pm-11pm

The Melt Down  Sa 7:30-10pm

The Metal Edge Sa 12:30-2:30

The Quilting Hour W 9-10:30

The Quiet Storm M 2pm-4pm

They Only Come Out at Night W 7pm-9pm

Trance-formational Listening Sun 10am-12pm

U Name It Su 7pm-9pm

WINGS W 10:30am-11am

Woodwarbler’s Jazzgrass Show M 7pm-9pm

XAVWAX Th 7pm-9pm

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