WGDR Programs
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Arise! with Chris Thompson
Democracy Now!
 House at Pooh Corner with Jim Hogue
 Sea Change Radio
 Free Access-ories with Luna Brogen
Personal and Political with Stephanie Frasier

 Community Training
 A Northern Tradition with Kevin Dunwoody
 Democracy Now!
  Woodwarbler’s Jazzgrass Show with Brian Aust
 Mix Tape with John Pepe alternates with The Manna with Matthew Delorey

 Song of the Soul
 Project Censored
Gathering Peace with Joseph Gainza
Making Contact
First Voices Indigenous Radio
Elements with JD Ryan
The Lost Highway with Ken Feld
Show of Life with Will League 
InCommon Sounds with Brother B
Guerrilla Ignition Radio

All Mixed Up with Peter Bachane
 The Quilting Hour with Various Hosts
 Economic Update with Richard Wolff
 Unwelcome Guests with Robin Lustwig
Community Broadcast Training
Paul Thea Show with Paul Thea
 They Only Come Out at Night with David Zendron
 The Lotus Eater’s Buffet with Joshua Hayes-High alternating with Wednesday Night

Relocalizing Vermont with Carl Etnier
The Goddard Hour with Carl Etnier
 The Quiet Storm with Skeeter Sanders
 Dollar Bins and Local Players with John Hopkins
 New World Beats with Viviana Davis and Merry Gangemi
Fast Goes Fast, Slow Goes Slow with Lady Beefheart
 Eclectic Heavy Metal Radio with DJ Eben Flow

Surface Planet Radio with Eriksson
 Magical Mystery Tour with Tonio Epstein
TUC Radio
HomegrownRadio News with Carl Etnier
Music Notes with Josh Hayes-High

Free Speech Radio News
Geezer Rock with Jeff Lindholm
 Democracy Now!
 Free Speech Radio News
 One World Radio Hour with Leo McFee

Keyboard Classics with Thomas Weiss
Classic Stories, Zucchini Brothers
 Music As Art Radio with Uku Meri
 Cupcake Corner with Audry Frasier
 The Metal Edge with J. Willis Pratt
 Boxful of Blues with John Foster
 Acoustic Harmony with Mark Michaelis 

Bluestockings’ Ball with Nancy Ellen
The Melt Down with King Tone
 The Beatdown with Z point alternating with 

Safe Harbor hosted by Doni Cain         
The Curse of the Golden Turnip with Alan LePage
 New Dimensions with Michael Toms
 Trance-formational Listening with Dennis Darrah
The Daley Show with Sylvie Daley alternating with 

Spirit and Song with Sasha Thayer
 John’s Juke Box with John Tremblay 
 Shortwave Report
 Mumia Abu-Jamal
U Name It alternating with 

Oldn Ways
 Eclectic Music with Jesse
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Air Schedule 20140429

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