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Sally Kane, NFCB CEO, Speaks at WGDR

November, 2015

static1.squarespace-2I just wanted to post some words of thanks for Sally Kane (and the NFCB in general), who, in spite of our need to cancel the VT Harvest Summit due to low numbers, came anyway on her own budget, and worked inexplicably hard for WGDR in the short time she was with us.
In the two half days that she was with us, Sally anchored a meeting with potential major partners, sat with our newly appointed Academic Dean, and reported robustly to our local community members. She helped us vision for expansion, build retention value with our licensee and explain current trends and their relevance to our larger community. By the time she left, all four corners of the WGDR community were drawn more tightly together than when she arrived. In the absence of the summit and the opportunity to support a region of stations, Sally did not take time off, but went to work strengthening one small station, and so bettered the lives of the Central Vermont communities we engage.
I know Sally wants more than anything for all of us to attribute her often heroic work to the general impact of theNFCB, and so I am, without question. The NFCB is absolutely essential to the health of the community and public media sector. As a member, I feel my station has a resource for support that would be impossible to replicate. And though Sally has (unbelievably) raised the bar in trying times on what it means to be supported by this organization, I’ve always felt this way about the NFCB— as much because of  the rich sharings of other members, as because of the dynamic offerings coming from its leadership.
All that said, here’s a huge thanks to you, Sally, for applying sooo much heart to your well informed leadership and knowledge sharing. I see how hard you’re working, and am grateful for what you give.
– Kris Gruen, WGDR Director

Local 2 National Grant Winners Announced

September, 2015

Please join me in congratulating this year’s winners of the Local2National grant!
The winners are:
1. Paul Thea – Music Africana
2. Synnika Lofton (Goddard Alumnus)- Guerilla Ignition Radio
3. Dennis Darrah – Trance-Formational Listening
4. Tonio Epstein – Magical Mystery Tour
All of the submissions this year were really strong, which made for a very difficult job for the L2N Review Board. In the end, the board was very excited about the promise of these winning proposals, and believes in their promise for reaching national audiences.
Best, Kris
On behalf of the L2N Review Board 

Fall Pledge Drive a Success!

September, 2015

thank-you2Just a quick announcement to let you know that WGDR made its fall 2015 Pledge Drive goal last night at 8:30 PMwhen it crossed the line landing at $15,018. Gifts have continued to come in throughout the day, so our final numbers will continue to rise.

It was a lot of fun to table and pitch with you throughout the week. The deep level of commitment that many programmers have in the work that they do at WGDR was evident. Thanks to all for another successful pledgedrive.

Kris Gruen, Director
Goddard College Community Radio

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