New Morning Broadcast of FSRN

fsrn_300px_wideWGDR to begin broadcasting Free Speech Radio News on Weekday Mornings, 8-8:30

Free Speech Radio News (or FSRN) is an independently produced half hour daily national and international radio news program focusing on peace and social justice issues in the US and around the world. FSRN is collectively run by its workers and reporters. It is a non-profit organization, with funding from Pacifica Radio Network, as well as community radio stations across the US and listener-donors. The newscast is independently distributed by FSRN, as well as by the Pacifica radio network.

Hosted by Dorian Merina, the newscast relies on more than two hundred freelance reporters, “on every continent except Antarctica”, who use the Internet to deliver their audio reports.

At WGDR, we know that news is important to our listeners in Central Vermont. We would like to know what you think about our news broadcasts. We welcome your feedback and comments about what you would like to hear on our community radio station.

Free Speech Radio News will replace Al Jazeera when Al Jazeera stops all distribution of its programs directly to radio stations on August 20, 2013.  Instead, Al Jazeera is creating their own syndicated network called “Al Jazeera America”. You can check it out at

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