May 17 3pm – 6pm: Thom Hartmann Show & Special Programming

altbackz9May 17th
3pm – 6pm: Thom Hartmann Show & Special Programming in Honor of WGDR’s 40th Anniversary.
The Thom Hartmann Show will be broadcast live from the studios of WGDR, Goddard College Community Radio, 3-6 pm (EST) on Friday, May 17th, to honor WGDR’s 40th birthday and to kick-off the Alternative Media Conference at Goddard College on May 18th. The show includes an hour-long “Brunch with Bernie,” Hartmann’s discussion with Vermont’s independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, 3-4 pm.
6:30pm – 7:30pm: Carl Etnier hosts “Media Building Community Resilience”
Special guests include
-Michael Olson, host of Food Chain Radio
-Robert McMinn, a.k.a. Bucky Buckaw of Bucky Buckaw’s Backyard Chicken Broadcast
-Chris Picek, part of the team at Redeye Co-op radio in BC
-Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock
-Melinda Hemmelgarn at Food Sleuth Radio
-Megan Quinn Bachmann, now a journalist at Yellow Springs News in Ohio, formerly at Community Solutions (producers of the well-known video, The Power of –Community: How Cuba survived peak oil)
7:30pm – 10pm: Kalvos and Damian hosts “Legends Of WGDR”
The dynamic duo return to WGDR/H for a special broadcast in celebration of GDR’s 40th Anniversary.

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