Local2National Grant Winners

WGDR’s 2014 Local2National Grant Winners Announced!!

Thmb_radioGoddard College introduced the brand new Local2National grant 
program earlier this summer, 2014, which designates financial support for current WGDR programmers and independent audio-for-radio producers within WGDR’s terrestrial footprint, for the production and distribution of local programming that has proven excellence and relevance for serving national audiences.

Local2National will award a total of $20,000 by the end of September, 2014, in increments of $5,000, to these winning WGDR programming community members:

– Erica Heilman (Rumblestrip)

– Alan Lapage (Curse Of The Golden Turnip)

– Carl Etnier (Relocalizing)

– Jeffrey Lindholm (Geezer Rock)

The Local2National Review Board believed these program proposals exhibited many of the elements of excellence in audio production for radio broadcasting that Goddard aspires to foster for a national audience.

The reviewing board for the Local2National program is made up of
radio professionals, college administrators, and avid listeners of this,
and other community radio stations.Goddard College is deeply interested in serving the listening public through mission-aligned radio programming, and recognizes the many evidences of such programming emerged from WGDR. Goddard College believes very much in the continued potential of the WGDR community radio experiment to play an important role in achieving its mission of advancing cultures of rigorous inquiry, collaboration and life-long learning, where individuals take imaginative and responsible action in the world.
-Kris Gruen, WGDR Director

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