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WGDR is one of two radio stations in VT that receive a Community Service Grant(CSG) from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).This major annual grant accounts for approximately 25% of WGDR’s annual income, making it possible for this radio station to sustain its five part-time employees,

make important annual upgrades to its production and broadcasting equipment, provide training and engineering services for its large collective of community programmers, and much more.

WGDR has remained eligible to receive a CSG grant for 11 years now, totaling over three quarters of a million dollars for the station in revenue since it entered the program in 2006. Needless to say, the CSG is absolutely essential for WGDR to continue to operate at its current level, and for further advancements to be possible— advancements like its award winning, nationally recognized youth journalism program (Indie Kingdom) and the ever growing list of locally produced programs now being syndicated around the country.

The CPB gauges a station’s eligibility on several key components, most importantly, the financial support of its listenership. Every single dollar that you, our listeners give, is a vote for WGDR’s necessity to this community. Every donation we receive during this pledge drive is a signal to the CPB that WGDR has enough community support to remain a viable recipient of the CSG. If we don’t get your support, we will lose this funding. If you think of your gift to WGDR as an investment, this kind of instantaneous return can’t be found anywhere else. Make a secure pledge online today!
Some of you have already read WGDR’s mission, and inspired by its stance for social justice, environmentalism and independent arts, you’ve given generously. Thank you. For the rest of us, this campaign is our opportunity to resist the exploitation of common people and their common good, and to foster the community life we cherish, and are genuinely empowered within.

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