The Curse of the Golden Turnip

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Sundays 6-9:00 am, hosted by Alan LePage.
About the Show: Join gardener and organic original Alan LePage for practical gardening advice, botanical history, and freewheeling conversation with notable guests from Vermont’s agricultural landscape. It’s all call-in, all the time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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About Alan LePage: Alan LePage is a fifth generation Vermont farmer. In his youth, he went to Columbia University on a full scholarship, where he received a degree in philosophy and economics. When he got back to the family farm, it was growing up to trees, and Alan spent the better part of his twenties clearing the land, feeding the soil, and becoming a market gardener. Alan was an organic gardener back when it was a deeply suspicious thing to be, and he is one of the founders of the farmer’s market movement that started in the late seventies. Alan has mentored generations of aspiring market gardeners, and has been on air at WGDR for decades, sharing his knowledge of gardening and agronomics with loyal listeners.

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