CAB Meeting Notes

WGDR Community Advisory Board Meeting Notes

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January 10, 2013

Present:  Joe Fortin, Jude Sargent, , Wilmer Brandt, Cynthia Johnson, Joanne Brooking, Suzanna Jones, Diane Grenkow,  Amy Hornblas (note-taker)
Absent:   Mac Lore
Programmer Representatives:  none
Station Representative:  Kris Gruen

Next CAB Meeting:

The FIRST Thursday of March (so we can sign up for shows to evaluate)

March 7th, at 5:00

(Note the DATE and time change for this meeting.)


  • The Annual Meeting is being postponed until later in the year.  It’s the 40th anniversary of WGDR!!!

  • Spring Fundraiser is from the end of April to May 5th.

1) Confirm November’s minutes.
2) Evaluation Process and other Updates
Celebrate Wilmer’s Birthday!  Sing and have pie!  Happy Birthday Wilmer!
3) Role of CAB in the Evaluation Process
4) Winter hours for CAB meetings? (Mac said at 5:00 would be better)
5) Program reflection time
6) News from Goddard? Kris

1) Confirm November minutes:  APPROVED
Kris wanted us to have a discussion around September’s minutes.  He wanted to be sure that we understand that he is still very involved in the station, more so in some ways than in the past.  Such as integrating the college’s programs into the station, which brings value to the station and ensures more future support.  There is a team of programmers who are also meeting with the college departments to make connections in programming, bringing interesting, relevant stories on the air from inside the college community.  WGDR’s sponsorship of the concert series will also be made more clear, such as by enlarging the logo on the posters.

2) Evaluation Process and other Updates
There have been four meetings this fall to gather input and finalize the evaluation process, the mission, and the MOU for programmers.  December 20th was a Mission Statement meeting.  The basic consensus of those who attended was that it does need to be revamped.  There are a lot of missions and goals intertwined, and it does not seem to mesh with the college mission.  The mission meetings will continue throughout the rest of the year.  We’ll begin asking questions about WGDR, and then reverse those into statements, chiseling down to those that are most accurate.  It was a final chance for programmers to weigh in on it.  The MOU meeting was cancelled, because it already contained a line about engaging in an annual review.  There are notes from the meetings, on the “Intranet.”  The Intranet is a resource area for programmers and others involved in the station directly to communicate with each other.  Kris will check with Leah about getting us a login code so we can see the notes, and other items.

The work requirement in the MOU has been amended to the following process:  programmers will be offered a choice of workshops, which will earn them “hours.”  From these trainings, lists of potential volunteers will be generated so that when specific activities come up, they can be invited to help.

A few CAB members attended the final evaluation process meeting, and they felt the process was well and positively received.

3) Role of CAB in the Evaluation Process
The CAB is being asked to be part of the evaluation process.  We have been designated a format in the process to do so.  We are being asked to critique the presentation skills, not the content.  We may want to not evaluate someone we are too personally close to, and it would also be nice to get a range of opinions, from someone who is a fan of the show and someone who is not.  That way, the focus is more on process, not content.

A programmer has approached us with concern about the privacy of this process.  It will be confidential between reviewing bodies.  Kris will write an MOU for the CAB, clarifying our role in this process as well as the boundaries of confidentiality.

From March 1st to October 1st is the review calendar.  The process for the reviewers begins in March.  This is our listening time.  By October 1st their self-reflection reviews come in.  From October 1st to December 1st the CAB and other reviewers will be working to get their reviews done.  From December 1st to February 1st, the consolidation document will be compiled.  Then programmers can write their new one for the new year, and submit it by October 1st.

We could use more CAB members, 12 would be ideal, to help us handle this.  Maybe from the new listening area.

Next Steps:
The March meeting was made a week early, so that we can pass around a list of shows and sign up for those we listen to, then decide how to fairly

4) Winter hours for CAB meetings?

5) Program reflection time
There was a small discussion about the programmer training time, and whether or not that is turning off listeners.  The idea of having programmers spend some time training off-air, so that they are more “polished” by the time they come on air.

Much praise was expressed for Zendron’s show.  Many CAB members love his rants and passion.  He even encourages us to donate more money at the fundraisers.

Bill Carlotti quit doing his Sunday show.  This brought up a discussion about whether programmers know they are appreciated.

Skeeter is really popular through the Fishbowl online network, which syndicates his show.

Some feedback included:  Enough of “What’s the Frequency Kenneth.”  It seems like it’s being way overplayed.

6) News from Goddard? Kris
The Programming Council (formally Programmer Working Group) was made up of 2 CAB, 2 Programmers, and 2 staff members.  This group will be given very clear criteria to check for.  Such as, do we do the weather each day, and are the listeners being served?

7)  Programmer Council
Joe and Cynthia have been our representatives.  Are we o.k. with that?  Joe is willing to step down for someone else if you are interested, but will continue serving if not.

Future Agenda Items:

  • Programmers being paid through grants and other syndicates?  Do there need to be parameters around this.
  • Fundraiser Reflection Time

WGDR Community Advisory Board Meeting Notes
November 8, 2012

Present: Jude Sargent, , Wilmer Brandt, Cynthia Johnson, Joanne Brooking,
Suzanna Jones, Diane Grenkow, Amy Hornblas (note-taker)
Absent: Mac Lore, Joe Fortin, Sara Urban (Sara would like to be removed from
the CAB until further notice)
Programmer Representatives: none
Station Representative: Kris Gruen

Next CAB Meeting:
The second Thursday every other month

January 10 (Note the time change for this meeting.)

1) Confirm September and July minutes.

2) Evaluation Documents

3) Role of CAB? (Absent members may want to pose questions and comments)

4) Winter hours for CAB meetings? (Joe and Mac please let us know what is most
convenient or possible for you)

5) Program reflection time

6) Fundraising refection time

7) News from Goddard? Kris (What happened with the postcards)

1) Confirm September and July minutes: APPROVED

2) Evaluation Documents
CAB reviewed and gave feedback to the Programmer Self Directed Inquiry
process. The evaluation tool we examined was from KPFT. In January,
programmers will begin writing their missions for their shows, and focusing on why
they do what they do. Kris and interested CAB members will collaborate to review
the evaluation tools and help make sure that they are accessible and realistic.
There is a series of meetings scheduled to explain the Programmer Review
process, Station Support Work Program, a updating the mission, and the new MOU
which will include these items starting in January. These activities are part of an
effort to build station goals and objectives that reflect both the college strategic
goals and objectives, as well as the values and interests in the local community. The
college would like more of the WGDR programming to represent the college as well
as the community. CAB members are invited to these meetings and encouraged to
attend. The ones remaining (that haven’t happened yet) are at 6:00 pm in the
WGDR pit:

Updating the MOU: November 28th
Updating the Mission: December 18th

3) Role of CAB? (Absent members may want to pose questions and
Ran out of time for this again! Maybe we should put it at the top of the
agenda next meeting.
Kris did mention that the CAB could have a part in the Programmer Review

4) Winter hours for CAB meetings?
We all agreed that 4:00 will be the winter meeting time! We will continue to meet in
Plainfield for the foreseeable future, since the Hardwick folks don’t have a problem
with it and it would be too far away for folks coming from beyond Montpelier.

5) Program reflection time
Cynthia and others really enjoyed Goddard Time today (the 1970 talk by Joseph
Campbell). Cynthia also mentioned that she posted the Bucky Bakaw show on her
Front Porch Forum. She suggests we use the Front Porch Forum as often as we can,
without being too obnoxious. Jude mentioned that there are still locals who haven’t
heard of WGDR. Joanne appreciated the Quilting Hour for hosting the Cabot School
science program. Jim Cross’ show has also been fantastic lately. He goes all night
sometimes, does mornings, and other times as well. He’s interviewing a lot of local
folks, as well. The VINS guest helped Cynthia identify a Western Conifer Seed bug
she found at her house.

6) Fundraising refection time
The concert series has been going well. There’s a new brochure for sponsors for the
concert series.
The pledge drive had a lot of live shows. Everyone seemed to be pumped
and doing a great job. It’s always very hard to pick which show to pledge during,
because we like so many of them.

7) News from Goddard? Kris

Accessibility has been improved at the station! This has made it much
better for people with disabilities to come into the station.
Programmers are beginning to enter their programs into the “Sound
Cloud” account and other electronic sources, now available on the web. We can
now see how many people are listening online, up to 50 at a time! The most
listened to show online is Sylvie Daley’s Saturday night show.
Next year is Goddard College’s 150th anniversary. There will be an
alternative media conference here next summer. There will be other events, as
well, starting in January. It will be WGDR’s 40th anniversary.

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