Bring Home the Bacon Thursday – Oct 3

Bring Home the Bacon Thursday – October 3


As part of the Fall Pledge Drive 2013 ~~Thursday Only~~ Nutty Steph’s will be giving a chocolate truffle to all WGDR donors who pledge over 10$ –

Join us for a WGDR Bacon Thursday at Nutty Steph’s, 6pm-midnight October 3rd

Bring Home the Bacon Thursday partners WGDR and Nutty Steph’s for two great things that go great together: chocolate and radio!

Celebratory tunes will be ringing out on Thursday night at Nutty Steph’s Bacon Thursday where they will be  unveiling their new fantastically magically restored PLAYER PIANO machine on the same night as the WGDR fundraiser!

The rolls of the player piano display the lyrics to the songs while scrolling. Folks can thus gather around and view the words, singing along while the person on the bench pumps the foot pedals. Yes, that’s right: player pianos were the original Karaoke! Hear it, sing it, pump it – all right here at the WGDR’s Bring Home The Bacon Thursday all day at 91.1 and 91.7fm and at Nutty Steph’s on Thursday, October 3, 6pm-midnight.

Taste the sweetness of your donation to community radio with the gift of a Nutty Steph’s chocolate truffle!

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