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WGDR’s Indie Kingdom Wins Prestigious Third Round Funding From Vermont Community Foundation’s Innovations And Collaborations Grant!!

WGDR staff works with partnering schools, including Cabot School, Montpelier High School, and Randolph Union School to help their students learn about, create, and broadcast high-quality recordings of stories from their communities.

With this third year of funding (2017), we will partner with the respected Big Heavy World and with Savi Learning, the creators of the Launchpad app, to expand to Burlington.

“The public nature of radio adds a level of accountability and authenticity that is often hard to find in traditional class assignments. The result is that students’ individual investment is strengthened, pushing them to dig deeper in order to truly understand the information and make connections. Their questions in the interviews, attention to detail in the translations, and clarity in their presentation of the information were all notably improved over previous years’ work. Finally, the students take pride in their work!” – Colleen Purcell, AP Spanish Educator, Montpelier High School.

About Indie Kingdom

Indie Kingdom is the expansion of GDR’s general offering to its local youth for training in the arts and sciences of radio programming. Partnering schools and orgs will collaborate with GDR on the design of syllabi for area youth to learn media literacy, by meeting both radio station and classroom objectives/needs. Expansions to our prior offerings focus on the arts and science of producing compelling audio reports, creative communication skills and the trainer/teacher collaboration on production themes.

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WGDR Community-Based Learning in Youth Radio
WGDR’s Academics in the News:

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Please contact Jackie Batten at [email protected] or at 802-322-1686.

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