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For 48 years, WGDR, Plainfield at 91.1 FM and WGDH at 91.7 FM operated as a hybrid college/community radio station supported both by Goddard College and local community programmers. In 2021, Goddard College began the process of transitioning station ownership to a new non-profit group, Central Vermont Community Radio (CVCR). Through the station transition from Goddard College, the station will continue to provide a forum for cultivating social justice, stewardship of the natural world, and the independent arts. The station will no longer have paid staff (for now) and management will be overseen by the new CVCR founding board and key volunteers.

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WGDR Signal Map

Programming is made up of over 60 local volunteers that reflect the unique and independent spirit of the Central Vermont community. During COVID, about 30 of our programmers have continued to produce fresh, locally made content remotely from their homes.

The station is located in the basement of the Eliott Pratt Center Library on the campus of Goddard College at 123 Pitkin Road in Plainfield, Vermont.

To contact the station or the CVCR board email [email protected] or try the WGDR/WGDH Studio Line: 1-800-646-9437. Be aware the majority of our programmers are remote broadcasting, so our studio will be rarely occupied until COVID has passed.

Both WGDR and WGDH’s FCC public files are available here: WGDRPlainfield & WGDH, Hardwick.


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