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For those who haven't yet contributed to this special campaign, we're keeping open the opportunity to receive the unique WGDR mug featuring the work of local woodcut artist Mary Azarian. 
Until the end of January, you will receive a mug as a thank-you for your donation of $25 or more. So give your “Drive for $5k” gift today! 

WGDR is here for you, throughout the year. Become an integral part of supporting the radio you love. Make your tax-deductible contribution-  click here to donate now! 

WGDR was established in 1973, as a unique, college-based community radio station serving the Central Vermont region from the campus of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

WGDR-WGDH 91.1 and 91.7 FM and streaming online operates as a true hybrid radio station supported both by Goddard College and surrounding communities.

WGDR’s Annual Meeting 2016 focused on rationale for a new station mission, one that sets the station’s roots in the college’s values for social justice and journalistic ethics. President Bob Kenny, Dean of Community Life, Susan Wilson, and station Director, Kris Gruen, delivered the State Of The Station speech to the largest turnout of programmers and listeners GDR’s seen in years:

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Over 60 local volunteers contribute to each week’s broadcast, providing programming that reflects the unique and independent spirit of the Central Vermont community.

If you would like to become a WGDR volunteer, whether you are interested in training to be a programmer or about other ways of supporting our efforts, please contact us!

WGDR in the Community

WGDR Radio CourseThe station actively supports program content related to women’s issues; itinerant agricultural workers in Vermont; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender; the homeless, Native Peoples and the poor. Read WGDR’s Mission Statement

WGDR not only serves its listeners through unique programming, but also high school students from 7 local high schools through our Academic Programs.


WGDR is funded by donations from listeners, underwriting by local organizations and businesses, partnerships with the community, and the Community Service Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For more information about our CPB grant see: Annual Local Content and Services.

Make your donation today to independent community radio or find out about how to get involved by volunteering or becoming a programmer at WGDR.

WGDR Board Members: Faculty and student representatives to the Board (one each) are elected by their respective councils. Staff representatives to the Board (one) is elected by vote of the college staff. WGDR/Goddard College Board of Trustees


Policy Advisory Council (PAC) consists of seven current volunteer programmers. Its primary functions are to represent programmer’s interests and provide policy advice to station management.
Community Advisory Board (CAB) To provide feedback to the station, Contact CAB members.


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