New Performance Studio

WGDR is building out a new audio studio to both modernize production and bring the listeners more live music and interviews.
WGDR has been your local radio station for 45 years, and to bring you 45 more years of the most unique programs on the planet, we need your help . Click on the photo for more details >>>


WGDR is in desperate need of new computers to allow programmers to easily access digital files, monitor the air product, and to play PSAs and syndicated programs.


We need racks to house receivers and other audio equipment.


- Musician Vocal Mics, $800 - $8000 ea
- Musician Instrument Mics $100 - $700 ea
- Host Mics $450 ea
- Musician Mic Stands $75 ea


The new studio needs separate lighting for different spaces in the studio. Right now, there is one switch for large overhead lights, which are inefficient.


The new studio needs seating for guests, artists, and programmers.


Phones are needed for call-in interviews.


The new studio is not yet wired for broadcasting. All of the components of the studio will need to be wired for it to go live.