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Central Vermont Community Radio Purpose & Programming Vision

Central Vermont Community Radio Purpose & Programming

This will be accomplished by providing a forum for cultivating social change, stewardship of the natural world, and the independent arts. Through the presentation of diverse music; cultural, news, and public affairs programming and production, CVCR intends to continue to provide the residents of central & northern Vermont (and beyond) the unique opportunity to hear programs developed by local community members; that advocate for the natural world, that advocate for and educate others about underrepresented and disaffected peoples, that provide a forum for community building and that provide a safe space for fostering cultural literacy.  This type of programming is not available elsewhere to residents of the listening area.

Below are examples of the variety of programs that have been aired on WGDR & WGDH and will be continued by CVCR:


  • Democracy Now! (National)

  • Letters And Politics (National)

  • Rising Up With Sonali (National)


  • The Magical Mystery Tour (Locally produced/nationally aired)

  • Personal And Political (Local)

  • Gathering Peace (Local)

  • The Quilting Hour (Local)

  • Relocalizing Vermont (Local)

  • Spanning The Chasm (Local)

  • The Thom Hartman Program (National)


  • Moccasin Tracks (Locally produced /nationally aired – Native American issues)

  • Curse of the Golden Turnip (Local – gardening & social issues)

  • Amy’s Kids Show (Local)

  • Bon Mot (Local – forum for the literary fine arts)

  • Big Picture Science (National)

  • New Dimensions (National)

  • The Children’s Hour (National)

  • TUC Radio (National)

  • Peace Talks Radio (National)

  • Making Contact (National)


Numerous local and nationally produced music programs are broadcast weekly, covering a wide variety of genres not found on commercial radio stations in the area, including an extensive world music library.  There is a focus on supporting local and independent artists within our locally produced content.  Additionally, several of our locally produced music programs are available on Pacifica’s Audioport syndication platform and are aired on other stations across the country.

In spite of the ongoing pandemic and its surrounding issues, current weekly content is regularly produced by over 30 local community members and plans are to increase locally produced content in all areas of programming in the future.


Central Vermont Community Radio is committed to increasing the diversity of local programmers to include more people of color and people from the LGBTQ+ community. 

WGDR not only has served its listeners through unique programming, but also students from local high schools have been served through our academic program known as Indie Kingdom.  In this semester-long course that WGDR developed and sponsored several years ago, high school students learned technical radio and audio production skills; including recording, research and writing for radio, interviewing, logging, editing, sound designing, and working with broadcast deadlines, all according to the course syllabus.  In addition to technical skill-building, students were immersed in the art of telling stories through sound, practicing deep listening, various forms of audio storytelling, and how to give and receive meaningful feedback with peers.  Each student completed high-quality radio stories, which were broadcast on WGDR and posted as online podcasts for streaming.  Plans are to revive and expand this program in the future.

CVCR’s intent is to increase locally produced programming and to continue to offer programming that is the soundtrack of social justice, environmentalism, multiculturalism and responsible community action in central and northern Vermont and beyond.  Our programming will continue to contribute to collaboration and life-long learning opportunities, not only for our local listeners but also listeners well beyond Vermont with content available through our online streaming service.

To support the successful launch of CVCR, please visit CentralVermontCommunityRadio.org.

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